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Furniture Services

Prior to moving:

  • DeskInventory furniture item and its location prior to disassembly.
  • Supply the proper manpower to facilitate a safe disassembly of any large furniture piece.
  • Provide documentation and propose crating options for all hard to relocate antiques.
  • Inventory, diagram, and take photos when necessary to facilitate prompt and informed reassembly of each furniture piece.
  • Verify the integrity of each piece upon removal with all particle board products.
  • Discuss and inform the shipper of any glued items that should not be disassembled prior to disassembly.
  • Wrap, label and pack all pieces properly with diagrams and instructions.

Upon arrival at destination:

  • Wall UnitProvide manufacturer instructions to independent contractors upon arrival if needed.
  • Discuss location with shipper prior to reassembly.
  • Point out, and possibly fix or repair any minor loose joints or stripped connections during reassembly.
  • Document and notify the shipper immediately of any missing hardware or damage.
  • Level and secure larger pieces for safety and stability.
  • Clean all areas where assembly occurred upon completion.
  • Make repairs and refurbish furniture items upon request.

Services Include:

  • Large Tables
  • Book & Wall Cases
  • German Shrank
  • Desks
  • Armoires
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Sofas & Sectionals
  • Theater Seating
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