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Electrical Fixtures

Electrical Fixture Services

Light Fixture Service

Prior to moving:

  • Light FixturesDetermine if a licensed electrician with permits is needed.
  • Check for integrity and working condition of all light fixtures, ceiling fans, and home wiring prior to disconnection.
  • Install cover plates and wire nuts on all electrical boxes and exposed wires not receiving a new fixture at origin.

Upon arrival at destination:

  • Determine if a licensed electrician with permits is needed.
  • Inspect and inventory all fixtures prior to connection.
  • Check and verify connection box and electrical wires making sure they meet all city code requirements.
  • Mount and balance all ceiling fans.
  • Verify and test integrity and working condition of all electrical fixture connections prior to leaving.

Chandelier Service

Prior to moving:

  • ChandelierEvaluate chandelier location and size accordingly for proper and safe takedown.
  • Inventory, pack, label and diagram all complex crystal assemblies.
  • Pack or hang fixture for transit, and prominently label everything with instructions to ensure a timely and proper reassembly.
  • Cap all wires and install cover plates on open electrical boxes after fixture removal.

Upon arrival at destination:

  • Consult with the shipper prior to hanging chandelier.
  • Verify proper box, ceiling strength and assembly prior to hanging.
  • Install and reassemble all crystals according to inventory and diagrams.
  • Verify and test integrity and working condition of chandelier prior to leaving.

Services Include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling fans
  • Wall sconces
  • Outdoor lighting features
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