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Piano Services

Prior to moving:

  • PianoInventory and discuss with shipper the care and condition of the piano.
  • Lock down and secure all keys and hammers.
  • Remove all legs and pedal assembly.
  • Remove lid and protruding hardware for shipping.
  • Use proper packing material to meet piano finish and weather conditions.

Upon arrival at destination:

  • Inspect the location and condition of the piano prior to service.
  • Unlock all keys and hammers.
  • Assemble pedals and music rack.
  • Install lid and hardware.
  • Attach the legs and verify the working condition of piano.
  • Piano tuning service is available upon request.

Services Include:

  • Grand Pianos
  • Upright Pianos
  • Player Pianos
  • Tie and Untie Hammer Service
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