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Wine Shipping

Wine Shipping Services

WineFor smaller wine collections CMS employs a proprietary process to safely pack and store wine bottles for shipment. With our protective containers and phase-change materials CMS can ensure a complete microclimate of 50-60 degrees for up to six days during transit.

CMS collaborates with some of the leading climate-controlled wine carriers in the country for larger collections. We can provide an exceptional white glove service with any larger allotment of wines, and insure it safe keeping, integrity and inventory to its final storage place.


Prior to moving:

  • Consult on the value of each bottle and collection.
  • Accurately inventory and pack each bottle for shipping.
  • Disassemble and secure all racks and shelving units if necessary.

Upon arrival at destination:

  • Unpack and verify the integrity of each bottle.
  • Set up all racks and inventory all bottles based on customer requirements.
  • A wine temperature log is presented to the customer to insure temperature integrity upon completion.
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