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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move or ship items?

CMS does not move or ship anything. We only assist with any disassembly and crating of items to prepare them to move. We would be happy to refer you to a moving partner near you.

What areas of the country do you service?

CMS services all 50 United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and well as many Canadian Provinces

Can you service a last-minute request?

CMS prides itself in being able to work with you to cover any short notice service request. We will do our very best, and explore all options to get your job handled.

Do you offer service outside of normal business hours?

We can usually offer services after 5pm, and on weekends depending on the schedules and availability of our business service providers.

How long has CMS been in business?

CMS has been in the relocation, third party service business since 1993.

How do I determine how much a service will cost?

We have established pricing for all third-party services. Simply log in to your account to obtain immediate pricing. Alternatively, email us at, or call our dispatch team at 800-514-6927, Option 2 to request a quote. While our charges from the companies we use to provide the services are negotiated and can change, your rates will remain the same.

Do you deal directly with consumers?

No, we are exclusively a business-to-business company.

How do I open an account?

Simply call 800-514-6927, then dial 3. You will immediately be connected to someone in our sales department that can assist you. Please make sure you have a company name and address, and all contact information with anyone you would like to add to the account. Most importantly please make sure you provide us with an accounting contact, and needed billing information to insure a quick and easy set up.

We will then share with you a list of our services and pricing based off your current markets that you service, volume of work, and revenue goals. We will also share with you your options to request a quote or order, discuss our free integration capabilities, as well as introduce you to our web portal which allows your team to manage all 3rd party requests with ease.

Can I request third party service directly from my company’s move management software?

CMS is integrated with most move management companies. Most integration downloads only take a few minutes, are approved by the software provider, and are free of charge. Feel free to contact a CMS sales representative for more details.

Do you have VIP status for important customers?

CMS offers VIP features for your most valuable clients. Simply mark each order VIP status and you and your team will receive all communication automatically.

Can you handle a moving Claim?

CMS has its own inhouse claims division. CMS can handle all claims, providing prompt and efficient claims resolution. Simply go to for more information.

Who contacts the shipper and informs them of who is providing their service, and when?

CMS will keep you updated throughout the third-party process. After your order has been placed and confirmed, a CMS move coordinator will call you or the shipper to review the order and service date. The independent contractor will schedule the available time frame with CMS.

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